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Apocalypse Girl

Dreamer Interrupted

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Apocalypse - Etymology: Middle English, revelation, Revelation, from Anglo-French apocalipse, from Late Latin apocalypsis, from Greek apokalypsis, from apokalyptein to uncover, from apo- + kalyptein to cover.

"She was a machine. I tell you a machine. Smoke rose from her keyboard, the scent was a mixture of blood and sweat. She frightened me."

"You're about as mundane as a fever dream." - vmurther

"I am a definite danger to myself. Though, rarely to others." - Me

"Eyes sparkling with mischief, hair flipping and curling around jawline or cheekbone, soft fabrics in lush blues, blacks, and purples, anticipating smile. Ready laugh in alto bells. Purr in voice. Unexpected steel. This is my mental snapshot of you." - deirdremoon

Ben: Ever see that bumper sticker, "Well-behaved women rarely make history"?
Me: Yep.
Ben: You, my friend, are not a well-behaved woman.
Me: That is one of the nicest things you've ever said to me.

Member of Ordo Coclearum Runcibilis, the Order of the Runcible Spoon as declared by Grandmaster stonemirror

If you are feeling generous, especially around my birthday or a holiday *grin*: My Wishlist

Hello! If you add me as a friend, please drop me a line and let me know. I'm curious like that. You can tell me a little bit about you and how you found my LJ. I'd appreciate it. Also, please note that I do not automatically 'Friend' everyone who 'Friends' me. Though, I do check in on their journals from time to time.

Current Author Bio: Jennifer Brozek is a multi-talented author, editor, and tie-in writer who has been nominated and won professional awards. She is the author of the Never Let Me Sleep, and The Last Days of Salton Academy, both of which were nominated for Bram Stoker Awards. Her Battletech tie-in novel, The Nellus Academy Incident, won a Scribe Award. Her editing work has netted her an Australian Shadows Award for the Grants Pass anthology. Jennifer’s short for work has appeared in Apex Publications, and in anthologies set in the worlds of Valdemar, Shadowrun, V-Wars, and Predator. Jennifer is also the Creative Director of Apocalypse Ink Productions, and was the managing editor of Evil Girlfriend Media and assistant editor for Apex Book Company.

Jennifer has been a freelance author, editor, tie-in writer for over ten years after leaving her high paying tech job, and she’s never been happier. She keeps a tight schedule on her writing and editing projects and somehow manages to find time to volunteer for several professional writing organizations such as SFWA, HWA, and IAMTW. She shares her husband, Jeff, with several cats and often uses him as a sounding board for her story ideas. Visit Jennifer’s worlds at jenniferbrozek.com.

"I see story ideas. All the time. They're everywhere. Just walking around like normal ideas. They don't know they're stories."

My professional journal is at jennifer_brozek.

About Me
  • Jennifer may be classified as a member of homo geekus and a member of homo gothus. Her attributes include extreme curiosity, a love of reading, favoring dark colors in soft fabrics and a fascination with anime. Her skills include writing, breaking software and gaming. As with many of her species, Jennifer is shy but may be approached with caution and responds favorably to chocolate.

  • I'm in love with my life. I talk about my cats, my husband, my house, even my car.

  • Also, I am a published editor and author - See my above author bio.

  • I also happen to be a sidekick character, Jenn, in the webcomic Casey & Andy who have their own LiveJournal: c_and_a. Also, there is now a Casey & Andy GURPS supplement!

    "My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement." ~Patricia in "Joe Versus the Volcano"

"friendly", 7th sea, 80's, abandoned buildings, abstract thinking, ad&d, alternate history, alternative lifestyles, antique occult literature, apocalypse, apocalyptic fascination, babylon 5, bdsm, beltane, bondage, buffy, casey and andy, castles, cats, cecilia eng, charles de lint, chocolate, cilantro is nasty, civilian space program, clan macdude, corsets, creative writing, crimson dawn, d&s, dark fiction, dreams, dune, dungeons and dragons, eighties music, emotion, empathy, empty rooms, enlightenment, erotica, eschatology, esp, evil genuises, fantasy, fear, felines, female gamers, fey, fiction, firefly, gaming, gaming conventions, gargoyles, geekdom, googlemancer, googlemancy, goth clubs, gothic, gothic aristocrat, gothic lolita, graphic novels, graveyards, heather alexander, heinlein, immortality, immortality research, intellectual magpie, j. michael straczynski, labyrinth, larping, larps, leather, live to write, live-action roleplaying, london after midnight, london under london, london underground, love, magick, making stories, masks, mischance, monogamy, moon, music, neil gaiman, neverwhere, nightmares, nightwish, occult, offline gaming, old architecture, online gaming, ordo coclearum runcibilis, passion, poetry, polyamory, post apocalyptic fascination, publishing, reading, renaissance faires, role playing games, roleplay, romance, rpgs, sagittarius, sapiosexuality, sci-fi fantasy, science fiction, seattle, sex, sexuality, shadowrun, shadows, sharp pointy things, shiny things, short stories, skeptical believers, spiral path, star wars, stonehenge, storytelling, submission, susan cooper, tarot, tarot cards, tattoos, telepathy, teop, thanatology, the edge of propinquity, thunderstorms, titanium battle sporks, torturing ljer baronlaw, tragic beauty, uncommon sense, undercities, unknown armies, urban fantasy, vampire: the masquerade, vampires, vanilla, velvet, victorian clothing, walking, wanderlust, word games, world of darkness, world-building, write to live, writing

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