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What I want for my birthday

In about two weeks, December 9th, I turn 40. I warned my husband that I wanted a big fuss made over me for my 40th birthday (it's a heck of a milestone for me) and he took that to heart. He's got all kinds of things planned for me and that makes me happy.

Several times in the past week, people have asked me what they could get me for my birthday and the best thing I can think of today, on my 4th anniversary of becoming a fulltime author (go me!), is this: Nothing would make me happier than for you to buy one of my books and ask me to sign it for you. For those of you who are far away, nothing would make me happier for you to buy one of my books and send me a picture of you with it. (Email to my gaaneden at gmail account.)

Heck, better yet, you know what I want for my birthday, December 9th? I want you to post a picture of you, your cat or your fabric friend with one of my books and link me to it. That would be the best present ever. Even if I don't know you. Post it is if it comes late. Just let me know sometime in December. (Yes, this is a great Christmas gift, too.)

What are my books? Well, here's a link to my Amazon page.

And here is a link to my DriveThruRPG page.

And one for Apex.

Another one and two for Dark Quest Books.

Yes. I'm serious. Buy yourself a gift of one of my books and that is gift enough for me.