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Conversations with the Husband

This week we had some snow. Just before the snow hit, Jeff and I ran out to do some errands before the Thanksgiving weekend. The conversation snippets went like this.

"You can't wear your slippers out."

"But they're warm!"

"And it's wet. Wear your sandals."

"I don't want to. They're cold. I can wear my shoes."

"Shoes are good. I approve of shoes."

As we drove into Redmond, it was snowing. I looked at Jeff in his t-shirt and shorts and groaned.

"You're not even wearing a coat!"

"I don't need a coat."

"It's 11 degrees."

"The car says 30."

"With wind chill, it's 11."

"I'm in the car and out of the wind."

I glared at him. I love my husband but he is exasperating sometimes. The snow, by the way, is sticking to the ground at this point.

"All right. I'll admit it, if the apocalypse hits while we're out getting the flu shot, I'm boned."

"Just a t-shirt and shorts and NO coat."

"Right. I'll start bringing a coat."

"At least you're wearing shoes."