Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Become an Edge of Propinquity Universe Author

In 2011, there will be another changing of the guard in our Universe Author line up. Already I have received a couple of interested queries about what it takes to become an Edge of Propinquity universe author. I will list those requirements below. Please read the entire list.

I will be taking applications for Edge of Propinquity universe author from now until September 30, 2010. Acknowledgments for placement (or not) will be made in October and official announcements will be made in November.

Edge of Propinquity Universe Author Requirements:

1. To have an original story setting that meets the theme and genre of the Edge of Propinquity. This means that your story is about a hidden world within a modern day setting of mundane society. I want to feel like I could walk out my front door and go about my day with your story going on around me without me knowing. No heaven/hell, alternate dimension or superhero story settings.

2. Understand you will need to turn in a story of 2000-6000 words to me every single month for one year on the 5th of the month. This is a one year contract. No more, no less. Your manuscript will need to be clean and in the format I specify.

3. Understand you will need to turn in an accompanying original story image with your story or work with the Edge of Propinquity photographer to get that image done.

4. By September 30th, you will need to turn in me a 1-2 paragraph description of your setting and a 12 episode arc outline of your intended storyline. This outline needs 2-5 sentences about each story.

5. Send submissions to with the subject line "TEoP Universe Author Application: [Your Name]"

6. All submissions must be sent in plain text in the body of the email. Emails with attachments will be deleted without being read.

7. If accepted as an Edge of Propinquity universe author, you will need to provide me with a 100x100 black and white headshot as well as a 150-250 word bio for the website.

I have published people who have never been published and bestsellers. Let your story idea speak to me. I promise you, if you get me what I want, in the format I want it in, and in on time, I want to publish you – known or not.

Thank you,
Jennifer Brozek
The Edge of Propinquity

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