Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

THE LITTLE FINANCE BOOK THAT COULD Event, Sep 19, Soulfood Books, 3pm


On the heels of a very successful Wayward Coffeehouse reading event, I have a solo reading event in Redmond this coming week at Soulfood Books & Café. This reading is for THE LITTLE FINANCE BOOK THAT COULD, the book I wrote after I became debt free and stayed that way.

When: Sep 19
Time: 3pm
Where: Soulfood Books & Café
What: Author reading and talk

There will be copies of THE LITTLE FINANCE BOOK THAT COULD for sale through the bookstore. Come hear what I have to say about the technical and emotional difficulties of becoming debt free.

About the book:
If you're in debt or struggling to make your paycheck stretch to pay the bills then it's time to do something about it. By changing your financial habits you can quickly get your finances back on track and begin to enjoy life again. Jennifer Brozek inspires and guides you by drawing on lessons learned from her own financial battle. Inside this book you will discover 10 rules for quickly climbing your financial mountain and becoming debt-free. Once you've achieved your first goal you will learn the 5 principles of financial responsibility to ensure you never get dragged into debt again.

At 25, Jennifer Brozek was $40,000 in debt and making just $26,000 a year. Five years later she is debt free and living a comfortable lifestyle with a healthy savings account. As someone who has experienced financial difficulties and turned things around by applying some good old-fashioned parental training, Jennifer is living proof that you can do it too. She went from a life of debt and worry to a life of financial responsibility and freedom - in this book she shows you how she did it and you can too.

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