Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Queen Victoria & Giraffes

I have come to realize something: giraffes will always make me think of Queen Victoria and LARPing. Yes, there is a tale here, one I intend to tell you as I told my husband when I mentioned this one night on the way to ECC.

You see, every Saturday we pass a statuary place that has a life size giraffe in the front. I smiled and said, "I will always think of Queen Victoria and LARPing when I see a giraffe. They are forever entwined in my mind."

My husband gave me a look that could only mean, I really love you but are you crazy?

So, I told him this story.

It was in the long ago days of the Victorian Steampunk Vampire LARP called Shadows of a Crimson Dawn. It was run by fullcontactmuse and it was a wonderful LARP. sylvan and I were playing a pair of adventuring investigators (Doctor Percival Bannister and Lady Ximena Harker, respectively) who occasionally delved into some pretty scary stuff. We were vampires after all.

On this particular evening, Percy had managed, through all sorts of influence manipulations, to get himself and Lady Harker a private audience with Queen Victoria. I cannot remember why, exactly, but it was important at the time. Important enough that Rory made sure to have another LARPer, Kelly, come play the character of Queen Victoria.

We were in the middle of a conversation with the Queen. Doctor Bannister had just mentioned something about flying hovercrafts (in this steampunk LARP it fit) and then it happened.

QUEEN VICTORIA: I do hope those hovercrafts don't fly too low.

PERCIVAL: No, your majesty. Not too low.

QUEEN VICTORIA: I wouldn't want the giraffes to reach them. Frightening creatures.

PERCIVAL and XIMENA exchange a WTF look.

PERCIVAL: Giraffes?

QUEEN VICTORIA: Oh yes. They are so tall and they might bite. *makes a chomping motion with one hand*

PERCIVAL and XIMENA exchange another WTF look. After all, they had dealt with some truly terrible things in their long life. Giraffes were not on that list.

XIMENA: Ah, yes. Giraffes. Fearsome beasts.

PERCIVAL: I assure you, your majesty, these flying machines would be in no fear of the giraffes.

QUEEN VICTORIA: Good. I wouldn't want one to bite.

The conversation continues on for about another five minutes when, suddenly, Kelly breaks character and bursts out, "Giraffes? What was I thinking?" At this point, everyone breaks character and starts laughing. We can't help it. When I can finally speak, I say, "Well, when Queen Victoria says that giraffes are scary, you nod and agree." That sent us off laughing again.

Thus, forevermore, giraffes will always remind me of Queen Victoria and LARPing.

[Addition: Someone on facebook just sent me this image: ]

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