Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Travel Woes

Despite (or maybe because of it) having a much more successful book reading at Borderlands in San Francisco, I had the absolute worst travel time I have ever had traveling from Seattle to the Bay Area and back again. And I've done this drive more than two dozen times in the past seven years, so I'm not pussy-footing around when I say it was the absolute worst experience. Hell, my trip back with a hangover was better.

On the way down, the following things happened:

I lost 30 minutes because I Zen-drove back home. I stopped 15 minutes down the freeway for coffee and then drove back to my own exit before I realized what I was doing. Yes, it was 4am but I've never made THAT mistake before.

My GPS device just up and died somewhere around Eugene, OR. Just died. No reason why. Now, I've been driving this drive long enough not to immediately flip. However, as I had never been to Seanan's house, I needed those directions and I did not have a CA Thomas Guide in my car. I solved this by calling my husband and getting him to read me directions.

My "needs service" light came on about 100 miles from my destination. No one likes to see something like this. I was already a bit wigged on not having my GPS device but I did have my directions. So, I was wondering if I would need to find a Toyota dealership. Later, I remembered it was about time for my oil change.

One of the streets did not exist. Before you blame my husband, I have a habit of looking up the directions to a place before I go so, I know the street that I was looking for was on the directions—both when I looked them up and when Jeff did. I had to park and call Seanan. Apparently, this is a common problem.

On the way back, the following things happened:

I got off on the wrong exit to go from I-80 E to get on I-505 N. I took the too early exit. Fortunately, this put me right at a gas station. Not one I would usually go to but I could use the gas. Where upon I….

I was a complete dumbshit and thought the machine ate my credit card when it did not. So, ARCOs only take ATM cards. I didn't realize this. I put in my credit card, pulled it out, put it away (FORGOT that I did) and then ended up canceling the order because I realized it needed a debit card. Whereupon the machine attempted to spit out the card it didn't have, allowing me to see a flash of white and the corner of a credit card sized thing be sucked into the machine and made me think it ate my card. The next 10 minutes had the ARCO staff trying to get out a card the machine didn't have and me finally looking down at my wallet to see that I did, in fact, have my card. After many apologies, I got gas and was on my way.

My period started three days early. Somewhere in Oregon, I discovered that Aunt Flo came to visit early and she was in a right tear. We're talking gusher (comparatively). So, I had that to deal with as well.

Of course, there's the litany of stupid drivers, construction delays and such but none of that is worth talking about. I got home at around 11:30pm. My husband, still sick, waited up for me. We talked while I wound down and I was very glad to be home.

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