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No More Anon Comments...

I just posted this in the comments of the BDSM posting.

I hate to do this but enough is enough. As of now, this is at an end for two reasons.

1. I'm not really comfortable with someone anonymous (even signed) posting comments in my journal and I don't know who they are at all. I left it open for GregE and M'ris to comment since they don't have LJs. M'ris has her own LJ now and Greg, I'll send you a code if you want it. So, no more anonymous postings allowed.

2. I fear that this is going to get nastier and nastier, no matter the intentions on either side. Since I -loath- conflict (just ask Rich), I'm stopping it. If necessary, I will disable comments on this post altogether.

I'm sorry I had to do this but, I really do hate conflict with a passion.

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