Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Boring married people?

Jeff and I spent part of the day trying to remember what we did for previous 4th of July celebrations. I couldn't remember and neither could he. I finally had to look it up in my various blogs to find out.

* 2006 - Nothing. Not together.
* 2007 - The Johnson's home for massive fireworks just before a one day trip to Grants Pass for photos.
* 2008 - A surprise trip to Port Townsend where Jeff and I stayed at Castle Manresa and went whale watching.
* 2009 - Nothing. Nada. There's an empty week around the early part of July last year. It's like the week that time forgot.

This year we stayed home, I wrote and then we watched the neighbors set things on fire. It was pretty chill and what we both wanted.

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