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The Edge of Propinquity and Wily Writers Together

The Edge of Propinquity and Wily Writers are teaming up for a cross website submission call. I will be the Wily Writer guest editor and will be choosing one story for the Wily Writers site and one for the Edge of Propinquity site. That's two stories – two different points of view on the same event, $50/each.

They can be written by one author or by two. Example story idea: The event is hunter killing a werewolf. One story would be from the hunter's point of view. The other would be from the werewolf's point of view.

Submission guidelines are here:
And here:

READING PERIOD: July 1, 2010 – July 31, 2010

Why the collaboration between Wily Writers and The Edge of Propinquity?
I've been published by Wily Writers and when I was asked to be a guest editor, I thought it would be awesome to link my own project, The Edge of Propinquity, with the Wily Writer's website. I think that the audience of each website would enjoy the fiction available on the other website. Plus, I thought it would an interesting project to have two stories telling the same tale from two different viewpoints.

Who are you and what are you working on?
I'm an award winning editor, author, RPG writer, slush reader and small press publisher. I'm sort of like a Swiss Army knife when it comes to the publishing industry. One of my ongoing projects is The Edge of Propinquity. It is in its fifth year of publication. I also read slush for the award winning webzine, Apex Magazine.

Why 'Endings and New Beginnings' as a part of your theme?
I am fond of stories that talk about the changes in people. Origin stories for heroes, apocalyptic stories where the world as we know it is destroyed and coming of age stories that show a character's growth. I like stories that show a change in a character. If a character is exactly the same at the end of a story as when it began, I have to wonder why read that story at all.

What was it about the first couple of TEoP stories you picked for 2010 that sold you on them?
The first story deals with a man who might or might not be crazy giving up his wife and daughter to fight the good fight against the monsters in the night. It is a pyrrhic victory for the man: the end of a normal life for one of pain and torment. The second story dealt with a woman who made a horrible mistake and accidentally killed a fairy. Her life goes to hell after that. In order to fix it, she decides to exchange her human life for the life of a fairy. It was the end of her human existence and the beginning of a fairy one.

What kinds of stories do you like to see?
I'm into dark speculative fiction. For these stories, I want to be able to walk out of my house and have these stories happening around me without me knowing. The hidden world within mundane society. In this particular case, it is two stories about the same event from two different points of view.

Can you give us an example of types of stories you are looking for?
Example 1: An interrupted ritual from the points of view of the high priest and the rescuer or the rescuer and the victim.

Example 2: The breaking of a sacred law and the consequences therein from the points of view from the lawbreaker and the judge.

Example 3: The misunderstood monster attempting to get a bite to eat from the points of view of the monster and the victim, the monster and the would-be hero.

Example 4: A wake for a man who is not yet dead but is paralyzed from the points of view from the man and the person who hexed him.

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