Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


I dreamed that I was a very sad woman who met Roland of Gilead in my world. After that encounter, I remember this:

"Are you well?" Roland asked.

"I find that I no longer want to die," I said, "but I no longer want to stay in this world."

He smiled, offered me a hand and then drew me into his world; a world that had moved on. It was a dangerous world. There was shooting. I was shot. I don't know what happened afterwards.


It is years later and a young man stands before a grizzled warrior. He says, "I just wanted to tell you, no hard feelings."

The old warrior did not understand. Then I floated to him and whispered in his ear like a lover, "Roland's son still lives… and so do I." I stabbed the warrior while my son, a son of the line of Eld, watched.
Tags: dreams

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