Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Family Visits

Jeff and I went to visit my family over Memorial Day weekend. It had been over two years since we saw them last (same with his family) and we didn't want to do the Thanksgiving-Christmas thing again. Eventually, we will get it so we are visiting one family each year, leapfrogging them. This year, though, his family for Thanksgiving and my family for Memorial Day.

I love my family. I do. However, sometimes I wonder how I could be so different from them when it comes to religion and politics. We, the family and I, have an unspoken ceasefire when it comes to those topics for the most part. Though, Dad forgets this from time to time and speaks his thoughts about things and, as it is his house, I keep my opinionated mouth firmly shut. After all, he and I have opposing views and I have no interest in starting a family fight that would surely go on for ages.

I suppose it is one of the reasons I throw my husband to the wolves… and by "wolves" I mean my adorable, overly excitable, begging for attention nieces. Uncle Jeff is their favorite uncle because he will play Go Fish, Old Maid, Chess, and every other game they throw at him. Me? I have the patience for only a couple of games and then I'm back to spending time with my family. Jeff keeps my nieces entertained and doesn't have to stomp on his own political or religious opinions in his in-laws' house.

It was a good visit, though. Lots to laugh at. Good food. Some reminiscing and sharing of stuff. Three days is exactly as long as we can deal with each other. It is long enough to catch up but short enough to leave us wanting more. That way, we have a good time and can still leave as friends as well as family. It's a fine line and one I'd like to keep that way.

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