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What is BDSM?

Well, you know... due to a comment from someone I don't think I know, named Erato, who did not 'like' my dream, I was going to go into a big discussion about what BDSM is and isn't. I've decided to shorten it a lot.

What it isn't:
- Politically correct
- for everyone
- equal... there's a reason it is called a 'power exchange'

What it is:
- for those who understand it
- damn sexy
- extremely unPC
- something different for every person
- a chance to give up control of one's life for a short time
- a chance to take control of another's life for a short time

I'm sorry that guy got upset at my dream but he was warned twice that it was twisted and those that get offended at twisted BDSM sex dreams shouldn't read. The other thing is... I get the impression this guy thinks that I made this dream up as a fantasy. I'm sorry, I am creative but not THAT creative. I really did just dream it. I don't think I could have thought up the guys in the gorilla suits jumping up and down on construction equipment as their job. My mind works in weird and wonderful ways.

This isn't to say that I won't turn it into a surreal fantasy for Fetish Fancy. I'm seriously considering my November theme to be "dreams."

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