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State of Jenn

It's been a while since I did one of these. Mostly because I've been so busy. I frontloaded my freelancer schedule for the year so I could work on my stuff towards the end of the year. This managed to get me multiple releases within a two month time span (April, May). It also has me burning the midnight oil on multiple projects. Fortunately, the end in sight. This is good because I'm exhausted.

I've been pretty quiet on the journaling front and those of you who know me know this is because I'm heads down in a big RPG project. Just 24,000 words left (and due in 16 days). When I get a big project like that, blogging in any real meaningful way is difficult. I've passed that point in Covert Ops where I hate the project. Fortunately, that phase only lasted about 36 hours. Now that I can see the end, I'm all gung-ho to get it done.

Writing Life:
  • Releases: Two RPG books: The Ross-Allen Letters (April) and Shanghai Vampocalypse (May). One anthology: Close Encounters of the Urban Kind (April). One finance book: The Little Finance Book That Could (May). My horror collection, In a Gilded Light, will be released in June.

  • Current projects: The Edge of Propinquity (Online publication, ongoing editor), Covert Ops (Savage Mojo RPG, author), Maschine Zeit (Machine Age Productions RPG, contributor, editor).

  • Future projects: Beauty Has Her Way (Dark Quest Books, editor) and TBA—either a novella or a graphic novel.

  • Upcoming conventions: Crypticon (June), GenCon (August), WorldCon (September).

    Personal Life:
  • Husband: Awesome. Life with Jeff just keeps getting better every single day.

  • Kitties: Demanding little creatures who need their claws clipped and aren't murdered in their sleep because they are so darned cute.

  • House: About to get a brand new roof and new gutters. That's gonna be a hoot.

  • Play: Rejoined ECC and am cautiously optimistic about the LARP.

  • Friends: My best friend is moving up to Seattle! *happy dance*

  • Family: Going to see my family soon. Going to see his family in the fall.

    There you go. What's new with all of you?
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    Apr. 23rd, 2010 06:10 am (UTC)
    • My brother is going to send my mom to my house this summer, for her birthday. This has my family doing a major happy dance, and once she finds out (it's a birthday surprise), I think I'm going to organise a party (at my house) so that my friends can remind her that they love her, too. Seriously, she's nifty as all get-out. I know I've gushed to you about her, before.
    • My cats continue to live by virtue of the fact that they're so damned cute, and know just how to look at me to absolve them of any wrongdoing, no matter how messy the cleanup is.
    • My mom-in-law took my son and I to dinner, and we picked up a to-go box so Chrono (who had to work late) didn't have to have leftovers.
    • I really enjoyed gaming with you on Twilight, way back when. I am so freakin' happy for you, with your writing and publishing and nifty husband and everything else that you've been doing over the years. I'm seriously thrilled for you :)
      Apr. 23rd, 2010 06:16 am (UTC)
      Other than the getting laid off things are going well, and even that isn't as bad as it could be. Wife's job is excellent, family drama is safely away from me, and I'm about to start the ren faire season again.
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