Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Award Winning Editor

The universe has a sense of humor. I know this because the day I am nominated for an award, sell a story or even win an award, is a day I have to deal with the litter box. I only have to deal with it two days a week but good news will always come on one of those two days to keep me humble.

Like today. I won the Australian Shadows Award for Best Editing along with my co-editor, Amanda Pillar, for Grants Pass. It's a feather in our caps and a feather in the cap of Morrigan Books. This is my first award. It is a big one. It is on par with the Stoker's award that we were long listed for but did not make the ballot. It is the award that is pushing me into creating my "awards" page on my website. I have several other nominated publications out there but now that I've won, it really needs to be done.

It is exciting and surreal. Part of me wants to shout it to the world. Part of me keeps thinking that no one cares except for me and my husband (the first person I called when I found out).

But, no matter what else happens… the litter box still needs to be dealt with.

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