Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Bloom Box

It is very rare that a new technology makes me rethink the apocalypse.

I'm serious. The technology is called the "Bloom Box" by BloomEnergy and I am amazed by it. 60 Minutes did a special on the technology. Go watch it. It's only 13 minutes long. You'll understand the rest of my thoughts afterwards.

Suddenly, I can see an apocalyptic scenario where I still have some of the niceties of civilization—namely electricity to run things like heat, light and cooking devices. Suddenly, I can see a hot market for still working Bloom Boxes (renamed to something like "energy cubes") and the need to learn how to use, fix and run this new technology. It has hit me in all the right places. This new technology really, honestly could be the future. (Not to mention all of the cool things I could see it used for—camping, remote cabins, emergency kits, etc…)

Suddenly, and most importantly, I can see the apocalypse a bit farther away than I've been seeing it in my mind's eye.

I want to believe that BloomEnergy really has invented the Next Big Thing and I really want one of those Bloom Boxes in my backyard now. I would be happy to be a test subject for them.

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