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It's the Little Things

When I go to a convention, no matter what is supposed to happen (because most of the time, it doesn't) I tend to appreciate the little things. RadCon was no exception. I appreciated Tim and Linda Kirk having lunch with Jeff and me, then coming to my reading. I appreciated that Lizzy Shannon took the time to come to my reading. I appreciated that Ann Wilkes set up the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading, ran it and made me feel comfortable. I appreciated Patrick Swenson's laidback attitude about everything in the Small Press Room when things were … ah… interesting. I appreciated Alma Alexander's tea party and Deck's comments throughout the convention. That man is a snarky one. I got to have small conversations with people that I admire, even if I didn't get to go to their presentations.

When it comes to events with lots and lots of people, it becomes that much more important for us all to remember our manners, to smile, to compliment, and to do what we say we're going to do.

I think it is also important to just go with the flow when things go wrong – because they will.