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devonapple gave me this icon. I love it. So, I'm using it. And, it is a bit appropriate for the post.

So, Legion. It was a fun bad movie. Great art, it ain't. Great story, it ain't. Great entertainment, it ain't. But it is fun to watch with just enough horror (cannibalistic grandma and kids and acid explody guy) to be a little bit creepy. There's a message in the movie about hope but it's not too preachy. The plotline is basically a re-imagining of the birth of the messiah story told in modern times. So, I was happily manipulated and I'll tell you why.

It was the wings.

You don't get to see them that much in the movie but when you do, they are just frickin' awesome. They are believable, nearly seamless and the angels use them like they are a part of them. It was the best damned use of wings in combat I've ever seen and I really appreciated that.

It was the tattooed angels.

I'm not sure why the angels were all tattooed but it was pretty hot. I'm easy to please.

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