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There are some days when I am absolutely amazed by the world we live in. Seriously. Yesterday, I was in Washington State. Yesterday, in two hours, I traveled over 900 miles to California and my main worry was whether or not I would get used to CA's more aggressive driving and whether or not the Bay Area would experience (what this now acclimated Seattlite considers) real rain.

900 miles in 2 hours. Up in the air at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. And people complain about the security lines.

This is an amazing world we live in. I regularly talk to my parents who live 2500 miles away. I have friends all over the world and I'm going to travel to Australia and New Zealand this year. ALL (as in 100%) of the freelance I do is remote. I contact my publishers, editors and authors online in email, IM and Skype.

All of this comes home to me when I write. Especially when I write on Colonial Gothic, set in 1776, or I write my weird west stories. I have to think about things like… was there a postal service? (No.) Where there trains? (No.) How did people communicate? (Letters that took weeks and months to get places) How did people travel? (Horse, carriage, foot.) How long did that take? (10-20 miles a day on a good day. 1-3 on a bad one.)

Do you all have any idea how many awesome stories from the early-to-mid 1900's would be ruined by the simple existence of a cell phone? Technology is a wonderful and scary thing when you think about it. It just makes me wonder what kind of world I will be living in just 20 years from now.

(In other news, I'm not in the mood to work on my fiction writing. So, I'm doing a lot of navel gazing. :) )

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