Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Deadlines… Or is that Dead Lines?

Yesterday, I received a holiday gift from a friend. Having had a difficult night at ECC, I decided to open it immediately. It was the coolest mug, coaster and mouse pad all in the same pattern with "Deadlines Amuse Me."

You want to know what my first thought was? "Aww, they know I appreciate such morbid things."

It took me about five minutes to understand that what I thought the gift meant was completely different than what it actually meant.

You see, any normal person would laugh because they know I'm a writer and I'm constantly under the gun to get things in on time. Hence, "Deadlines Amuse Me."

But you want to know what I actually thought at first blush? "Dead Lines Amuse Me" where "dead lines" = outlines of bodies on sidewalks and autopsy stitches.

No. I'm not kidding. This is just how I frequently think. It's my "Jenn Filter" or my "Gilded Light."

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