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Updated...For the Last Time

Abstract Thoughts has been updated with All Done Here - which is me closing the other blog of 10+ years. I am comfortable with LJ. What's it mean for you guys? A bit more introspective stuff here since there is no more "there" after this month.

December 16, 2009
All Done Here
After 10+ years hosting my online journal "Abstract Thoughts" here, I am shutting this journal down and shifting all of my blogging over to LiveJournal. I've been on LiveJournal for 6 years and it is clear times have changed. I don't need to host this online journal anymore.

"Abstract Thoughts" as an entity is moving over to LiveJournal's "GaanEden" account. This is where all my personal day-to-day stuff is. Random thoughts about life, marriage, kitties and such will be.

I also have my pro-LJ "Jennifer_Brozek" account. This is where all my writing career posts will be: Thoughts as a fiction author, an RPG world builder/writer, tech writer, editor and publisher. All of the big writing industry news will be on this account.

Of course, you can always find me at Facebook (I even have a fan page) and Twitter when I'm not out and about on one of my LJ accounts.

I have enjoyed keeping an online journal. That is not going to stop. It is just going to shift to another venue. In the meantime, I will leave my archives online for vanity (I'm honest) and posterity's sake.

Thanks for everything and see you over on LJ… or Facebook… or Twitter.