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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Writer Interrupted - but not for long. Lots about writing. Mostly what I'm doing for the rest of the year.

October 12, 2009
Writer Interrupted
My life is all about writing. It has to be when it comes to being a freelance author. However, writing is not just having your butt in the chair and your fingers on the keyboard for me. There's the writing then the editing, then the submissions, then the hunting for more writing contracts, then the announcements of acceptance, then publication and all of the PR that is needed in today's publishing arena for the freelance author.

I've got some cool stuff interrupting me right now. The first is that my solo RPG book for the White Wolf SAS line, Proverbial Monsters, is out and it looks just so awesome. I am in love with the artwork by Justin Norman. It was like he was in my head when he drew the artwork for my book. Currently, it is still in the top five best sellers on which makes me happy. It was even #1 there for a while. I have not read any reviews yet and I'm not certain I will because of my tendency to focus on the negatives of any review rather than the positives.

I also just turned in my second PDF Setting for Colonial Gothic called Plymouth Rock. It is about Plymouth, Massachusetts in the 1770's. I turn one of the oldest colonies into a place of mystery and horror while keeping as much of the historical accuracy as I can. I love doing that. Honestly, it wasn't that hard. The history of Plymouth is filled with interesting factoids that could be bent to look like something else. I always learn something new when I do a PDF Setting for Colonial Gothic. It's one of the reasons I like writing for them.

The most immediate interruption I have is my best friend from CA, Heather, is visiting this week and I won't have the opportunity (or motivation) to put in my normal ten hour days. We've got some shopping planned, a movie (Zombieland) to go to and the Woodland Zoo to visit. It's going to be a good visit before I dive into some serious writing.

The rest of my year is completely contracted out writing-wise. I am booked and this makes me very happy. So, what's on my plate?

First, I am the lead writer on one of Talisman Studios' newest books - Shanghai Vampocalypse, Yes, really. Shanghai + Vampires + the Apocalypse = THE AWESOME! What's not to like? "Shanghai Vampocalypse, because one vampire is a challenge but eight million are an apocalypse... and a suitable challenge for demigods!" I have the latest version of the Suzerain corebook to read through and get familiar with and then it is all writing all the time.

Second, I have a Colonial Gothic website fiction project where I will be sharing the byline with Dylan Birtolo, another local author I actually met at GenCon a few years back who knew me because I had rejected him a couple of times from TEoP. I did finally publish him on TEoP and we've been friends since the first meeting. It's always funny to spend more time with a local at a convention hundreds of miles away than we do at home where we live less than 10 miles from each other.

Third, I have a monthly Pathfinder project that I've already outlined for the people I am working with but since I'm not sure if it has been announced or not, I'll keep it under wraps. Just know that there are four fabulous authors coming together to bring an awesome set of online content to use as a Pathfinder GM or player. There may even be some interactive fiction.

Fourth, I have joined a lovely group of female gaming professionals, lead by Filamena Young, to write Letters to the Gaming Industry. This website is going to give a female perspective on working in the gaming industry. Highs and lows. Cautionary tales and all of those things that we women deal with on a regular basis. I've got a couple of topics I would like to touch on and I will get to them - eventually.

Finally, I have Close Encounters of the Urban Kind anthology. The official table of contents will go out in the next week and I will begin the long process of requesting edits and making copy edits for the authors to write and accept (respectively). I hope, by the end of the year (or not much later into January) to have the full manuscript for my overlord at Apex Publications, Jason Sizemore, done for his approval.

Of course, The Edge of Propinquity is in there and goodness knows there's the standard slush reading for it and for Apex Magazine. I am a busy writer lass.

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