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It's a Book! which is all about my book release party and upcoming appearances.

August 24, 2009
It's a Book!
The Grants Pass release party and Jay Lake hosted dinner was this last Saturday, August 22. It was a smashing success. It was. Oh, small things went wrong here or there – I forgot to get diet Dr. Pepper for Seanan. I also forgot that I had to speak and introduce the Grants Pass book signing party and totally had to wing it. But, it all worked out. If you missed the party, there was some live streaming from the book store of Shannon Page doing a reading of her story in the book called By the Sea.

There were so many people there. Some for each of the authors. Some for all of us. Social circles overlapped and mixed. It was awesome. We had two readings: one by Seanan McGuire and one by Shannon Page. Jay Lake and James M. Sullivan hung out and signed many books while talking with friends. My husband, Jeff, ran around being the time keeper, cake cutter, host and general all-around excellent man.

The dinner afterwards at Canyons saw 32 of us descend upon them in hunger and good cheer. I did have reservations for us and everyone was well-fed. We ate, drank and were merry while we hung out and talked. Though, I have to admit, I was exhausted. Seriously. So, when Shannon and Jay suggested a quick nap after dinner, I was all for it. It allowed us to get up and chat coherently later in the evening.

Saturday was a spectacular day and one that I will remember in the future for a long time to come. We 80+% of the books, allowing me to grab some for local authors for their author copies and signed until our hands cramped. Seattle Geekly was there to record and interview us all while it was going on. Very cool people, Matt and Shannon.

Morrigan Books has ordered the pre-order books, more author copies and books for upcoming convention appearances. Now comes the hard part – all of the paperwork and sending out of books and general book/editor/records upkeep.

Speaking of convention appearances… remember how I said GenCon was the last one for the year? I was wrong. It looks like I have two more convention appearances for 2009: Foolscap and OryCon.

Foolscap is a small local convention that is so local I can just drive there and back, saving on hotel costs. It goes on September 25-27. I don't plan to sell books there but I suspect that I'll have a few on hand just in case. I'll be doing panels for it.

OryCon is in Portland OR and I will be there as part of the Apex Book Company dealers table. I will be working with Maggie and Deb, selling Grants Pass and doing panels. November 27-29.

I am a busy and tired person but a very happy one.

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