Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Edge of Propinquity 2009 is Closed. The Edge of Propinquity 2010 is Open.

I have chosen my last story for the Edge of Propinquity 2009. 2009 is closed and the new 2010 theme is open!

The theme for the 2010 year of TEoP is "Endings & New Beginnings."
The previous themes for the Edge of Propinquity have been "Revelations," "Consequences," "Retaliations," and "Compromises." Your story may also encompass and expand on the previous themes.

In order to be accepted for publication, stories must fit the webzine's theme and setting. The setting is a modern day story focusing on a character deep within the hidden world that surrounds mundane society. All guest author stories must include an active ending and new beginning for a character. All stories also must encompass an element of speculative fiction, preferably a supernatural one. Though, the hidden world does not have to be supernatural. It could be conspiracy based.

No far future, medieval, Heaven/Hell or alternate dimension stories, please.

Thank you,

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