Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

I swore no more Dell laptops...

I was only going to get a Dell box. But I recanted and more the fool am I. (It was the purple... and the Dell customer service...)

My less-than-a-year-old Dell laptop started randomly turning itself off about 3-4 weeks ago. It is so random that it doesn't matter if I'm on it working or if it is idle at night. Just *poof*. I think it is overheating. Jeff thinks its a hardware failure. I'm not exactly sure what to do because, if it IS a hardware failure, the techs will have to keep my machine for a while to fix it.

This is death to me as a freelance author/technical writer.

I'm really peeved about this. I like Dell but me and their laptops do not get along so well and this isn't a problem that will go away if I remove the battery.

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