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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Tying Up Loose Ends which is about my RPG work and my upcoming surgery.

June 29, 2009
Tying Up Loose Ends
So, I'm going in for surgery on July 10th. It is nothing big. In fact, it is elective. A tubal ligation. I am almost 40 years old, don't want kids and want to be off birth control hormones for several reasons – one of which is the fact that I'm on blood pressure medicine because of the birth control medicine. I want to be prescription medicine free. I want to not worry about children I do not want and my husband supports me and agrees with me in this.

It is a big step and will impact my writing schedule for a couple of days but I'm excited. I'm even more excited because of how well I've been treated for my decision by my OBGYN who is not my regular NP. The doctor performing this procedure wanted to meet for the consult. I was nervous about this because of the horror stories I've heard about such meetings where the doctors don't listen, imposed their religious views and generally are not helpful. My lass was great.

She did ask my husband if he had considered a vasectomy. As he said "No." I interrupted and said, "It wouldn't matter if he had one. I still want the procedure done on me." The doctor nodded and noted many couples do want both partners fixed. And she laughed at my use of the word "spawn" for my siblings having had children already.

So now, final consult on the 6th and surgery on the 10th and all will be well. I'm pretty excited about this. I've been considering this step for more than 5 years. It's time to get it done.

The next couple of weeks are all about my last (currently) project for Colonial Gothic. It is another PDF setting. This one is around the city of Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. I will focus on the history between 1620 and 1780 and write the bulk of it around 1775 or so. This PDF setting will be bigger than Elizabethtown was by 50%. Which means while I owe 15,000 words on it, I suspect I will end up closer to 16,500 words. But it will all be good stuff.

I've got two boxes of research from the publisher, Rogue Games, and my own research for this project. Colonial Gothic is the most research intensive RPG I have ever written for and I kind of like it. I'm learning (or relearning) all sorts of interesting things about where I used to live and this country.

There will probably be more Colonial Gothic projects for me in the future. I like working with them and they like working with me. We're already in tentative talks about what's next for CG and what they want. It's pretty exciting stuff if it comes through.

We are still going through the house and working on it. Cleaning up. It's nice to get everything put in a place and get rid of all the extra stuff. We'll be ramping up on that soon. I'm actually going to attack my dresser. I only use two of the six drawers right now. The rest is all storage and, frankly, 90% of it needs to go.

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