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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with I Did It Again - the radio silence has been because I've been busy. It is a catch-up post.

June 19, 2009
Oops. I Did It Again.
Poor Abstract Thoughts has been neglected again in favor of easier and quicker forms of social networking. I feel bad about that. But, when you are heads down on writing, it is hard to do anything else. So, here are other places to find me:

LiveJournal - - this is my pro-LJ where a lot of my writing career information, announcements, appearances, etc… are posted. Plus, I often post advice for writers when a lesson smacks me in the face.

Facebook - you need to be a member of Facebook to see this page. It is an easy page to see short bits from me, my status, and copies of my LJ in the Notes and it has a chat function.

Twitter - - yes, I twitter. It has been a surprisingly successful networking tool for me as an author. It is possible that I will get a novel contract out of it and that makes me happy. Plus, I've hooked into a lot of other writing industry professionals.

So, what have I been doing for the last month or so? After I got back from being the Toastmistress at BayCon 2009, I got sick and I had to get the redline edits into my editor at White Wolf for my SAS project, Proverbial Monsters. That took a lot of time. The manuscript was a bloody mess and I got to learn firsthand a whole lot about formatting for an SAS project I didn't know before.

I was also interviewed by Crossed Genres magazine which took up a bit of time. I believe that will be posted in July. Also in early June, I made it to Crypticon Seattle 2009 to read with the Wily Writers group. This was my second reading ever but it went smoothly and I got to debut my audio CD collection of short stories – "The Tasty Collection" – yes, a bunch of other stories about things eating people.

Also somewhere in there, Rory and I sat down to finalize the GRANTS PASS anthology trailer. I'm very pleased with it and so is he. He does commissions, by the way, so let me know if you want his contact information. I also did some guest blogging on what it was like to edit an anthology.

After that, it was editing, prepping and publishing The Edge of Propinquity as well as doing a bunch of pays-the-bills writing. Basically, when I'm silent, I'm busy. I have time for Twitter and Facebook and occasionally LiveJournal but my poor journal gets neglected.

Currently, I am working on a new RPG project for Rogue Games, the new PDF setting Colonial Gothic: Plymouth Rock and two short stories for anthologies I've been invited to. Also, I have the GRANTS PASS anthology to publicize and the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE URBAN KIND anthology to collect stories for. I am a busy-busy author/editor lass.

There are some interesting things coming up in my writing future. On the table but by no means official (I don't consider anything official until I've seen the numbers and the contract), are two possible novel contracts from game and publishing companies. This is fascinating, intriguing and happy-making for me. I've always said that I would be content with 'only' RPG writing as long as novels were involved. Suddenly, that opportunity is very near and possible. I'm interested in seeing how that goes.

On the other hand, my writing schedule is booked out until September. After September, I have a novel to write. Originally, it was going to be my horror novel but it looks like it will be one of these game tie-in novels if all pans out. Part of me is sad about not getting work on the horror novel. Part of me it pleased as punch at the idea of a contracted novel. In any case, it appears that the latter part of the year will be a full out novel sprint.

That, and everything else, of course. My future is bright and I am happy with it.

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