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May 11, 2009
Dreaming in Other Realms
Some days, when it comes to RPG writing, it feels like feast or famine. But, this is a good problem to have. At least, on the feast side of things. One of my pieces of Shadowrun fiction got through the slush pile with a couple of requested rewrites. I got those turned around in a couple of hours. From there, I talked to one of the line developers and he mentioned there might be more with tight turnarounds. I said, "Bring it on" and then that one piece of Shadowrun fiction became four pieces. This made me very happy. I adore Shadowrun on a number of levels. I really like the genre.

While I was finishing up Shadowrun, Andy from Cubicle 7 pinged me about a Victoriana RPG book that needed some work and done with a super tight turn around. I said, "Bring it on" and he sent me the 'must have' stuff and the 'would like to have' stuff. This was a project I talked about with him over a year ago. I will be working this project this week – after I get some of my "pays the bills" work done.

Somewhere in here, this month, I should get the red lines for my White Wolf SAS project, "Proverbial Monsters." I'm actually quite excited about this.

After BayCon, I will work on Colonial Gothic: Plymouth Rock.

The anthology front of my writing is really taking off. Grants Pass has blurbs and reviews coming in, in preparation for its pre-order in the next few weeks and for its debut in August at GenCon. I'm so excited. My first baby is about to hit the marketplace.

I have two anthologies I've been invited to write for that have due dates in September. I've got the basic story for each but I figure I will work on those after BayCon. Hopefully, I will get both finished before GenCon—plenty of time to spare.

Finally, I've started receiving stories for my new Apex Publishing anthology Close Encounters of the Urban Kind. The due date for that anthology for my authors is September. By October I will choose the anthology lineup. September is a good due date for things.

Ok. Maybe not finally. There is another possible anthology on the horizon for me as editor. We'll see. I've come to figure they are not real until contracts are signed and such. So, we'll see. I'll let you know as soon as I can.

In other news, I've finally joined up on Twitter. You can follow me or not as you like. I don't link twitter to LJ or FB. So, if you want to know what I'm tweeting, Twitter is the only place you'll see it. So far, I like it

BayCon is coming up where I am the Toastmaster. Jeff and I will be driving down to Grants Pass, OR, spending a night there and visiting one of the zoos in the area. Then, arrive into the Bay Area on the 21st. We'll be driving back on the 26th in one shot. Probably won't be useful until the 27th or 28th. I will have my computer but I don't know how much time I will spend on it. I don't have a schedule yet but I'll be out and about all over the convention site at events and panels. Come look me up. I'll have my chapbook, Mastication, with me. Maybe my audio CD, Tasty, too.

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