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Tweaked Knees

I'm actually starting to get worried now. Worried enough to call and make an appointment with Casey's Osteopath doctor. This is just not right... me tweaking out my knees by just walking. Yesterday, I couldn't walk straigthening out my right leg without shooting pains under my right kneecap. Today, both of my knees are achy and sore, but I can walk them if I'm careful.

It is such a vicious circle. I have to loose weight so I don't hurt my knees due to the arthritis. I have to exercise to loose weight but exercise is hurting my knees. I'm hoping the doctor can tell me something.

All this is making me hesitate to sign up for the Tai Chi class. I have to make a decision and sign up by the 22nd. $55 for 7 weeks of Tai Chi. I've been wanting to get into it for a bit. But... I have to see what the doctor says about what I need to do to protect my knees while still exercising. I guess I can pass on it for now and just use the tape that baronlaw gave me with Tai Chi instruction.

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