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April 29, 2009
Obsessive about Certain Stories
I'm in love with my husband's Kindle. I've used it a couple times now to read novels for evaluation and/or blurbing reasons when I only had a text or PDF version. It allowed me to get away from the computer and curl up in my favorite chair to read. For that alone, it is a pretty keen device. The ability to buy and immediately read a book without leaving your home is another super keen feature.

However, it revealed to me another one of my quirks. I have many of them. It seems that I have a thing about certain stories. I didn't realize it until I was considering getting myself a Kindle and thought, "Of course, my favorite books would have to be on it." Then I realized what a list that was and all of the times I have done this before.

I am obsessive about certain stories enough to buy and re-buy them in every single medium they come out in. These stories are:

"The Dark is Rising" series by Susan Cooper. I have these books in book form and MP3 form. (I do not consider that atrocity [movie] barely based on the series as a legitimate version of the books.)

"The Stand" by Stephen King. I have this book in book form, MP3 form, made for TV mini-series form and now am collecting it in comic book form.

"The Dark Tower" series by Stephen King. I have this series in book form, CD form, MP3 and now am collecting it in comic book form.

"Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman. I have this book in book form, CD form, MP3 form and made for TV mini-series form. If they make a movie true to the story, I will buy that, too.

"Dune" by Frank Herbert. I have this book in book form (x3), MP3 form, the David Lynch movie (Director's cut) form, and made for TV mini-series form.

If I bought a Kindle, all of these books would be required to go on it… just because. They are comfort books and if I have the Kindle with me for traveling or at a coffee shop, I would want these books on them just in case I felt a need to read them.

What's worse? I've thought about it and I have more books creeping into my "Must have in all forms" obsession. Frankly, I'd also want to have the following on a Kindle as well.

"On Writing" by Stephen King. I have this in book form, CD form and MP3 form.

The entire "Siblings of the Shroud" set of books by Steve Perry. These are "The 97th Step," "The Man Who Never Missed," the "Matador" trilogy, "The Albino Knife," "The Omega Cage," "Brother Death," and "Black Steel." I only have them in book form but I've looked for them in CD form.

So, yes. I guess I am a bit obsessive about certain stories. At least my husband knows exactly what I like if he gets stuck for an appropriate gift for a holiday, birthday or anniversary. Sometimes, I think I should worry about my quirks. But you know, no one cares when the voices say, "Plant a rose garden." They only care when the voices say, "Nourish your rose garden with human blood." This quirk is only harmful to my pocketbook. Thus, I really shouldn't worry about it.

But it does make me hope that, someday, someone will be obsessive like this about my books.

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