Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Writer Play Date – 25 March 2009 – Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park

I am going to be at Third Place Books in the Lake Forest Park Towne Centre on Wednesday, 25 March 2009. I will arrive around 1pm with my laptop to work on fiction, to get out of the house, and to meet up with other authors in the area.

This is a Writers "play date" or "write-in" in the Commons area upstairs. They have free Wi-Fi, fabulous food and coffee and pillars that have outlets if you need them. Come join me in play and work. I'd love to see you there.

Plus, since we will right there and this month is "Love Your Indie Bookstore" month and since Joe Hill is running a fabulous contest in honor of it, why not pick something up to read or research and then enter the contest as well.

Hope to see you there if you're local and your schedule allows for it.

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