Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Woodland Zoo

Today was a perfect day for going to the Woodland Zoo. It was sunny, spring was in the air and all of the animals were out. Too much coolness to talk about. Highlights included:

* Baby ocelot! And being able to witness the ocelot mom's first hunting in water lesson when, for the first time, the zookeeper put trout in the water while one of the babies was out there. The baby just watched for a while as mom hunted until she called the baby over. The baby was unsure about the water. It was SO cute.

* A new female snow leopard! There is now a new female snow leopard to be mated to the male that's there at the zoo. We watched her play with her tail, holding it in her mouth and bunny-kicking at it. Most cool. Later, we watched the male go to all of the spots she had been at, smell them and then call for her. I'm so hoping for baby snow leopards.

* Birds of prey. We got to see the peregrine falcon up close again while a zookeeper talked informally with people about the birds. So pretty.

* Restless tiger. He paced and called and paced some more.

* The new penguin exhibit will open in May. 21 breeding pairs, I believe we were told. It is going to be insane.

Then, after the zoo, a quick stop by the Chocolati Chocolate Café in Greenlake--one of the reasons I moved to Seattle. It was very nummy and I got to introduce my husband to the place.

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