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March 9, 2009
Of Work & Play
Already into the second week in March. Sometimes, I wonder where the time goes. This month, I'm pushing out the query letters again. Instead of doing a general "Hi, I have 6 novels completed, here are there synopses, would you like to see one" query letter, I am shifting over to very specific one novel and synopsis per query letter format. This, of course, will take a lot more time but it will also hit a larger number of agents. Also, I will be bringing certain novels to independent press agencies directly. We will see what happens then.

Also, I have been asked by an independent press to edit an anthology for them in their "Space" series and I have tentatively agreed to do so pending the "hammering out all of the details" phone call that will discuss theme, payment, author due dates, editor due dates, etc. I'm really looking forward to this new project. It will be my first solo edit book project. I have solo edited The Edge of Propinquity for three-plus years and co-edited Grants Pass with Amanda Pillar who taught me a whole lot about the hard copy anthology medium.

On the actual writing part of the "writing" front, I am having a hard time deciding what to work on next. As soon as I make up my mind, I change it again. Though, at this point, the fourth novella in the urban fantasy series is looking mighty enticing. I suppose I won't know what decision I've made until I actually sit down and start writing. Sometimes, for me, starting is the hardest part. However, I believe I have figured it out.

Sunday afternoon and evening were spent with my husband's parents who were in town for the christening of an extended family member. Of course, they wanted to see us and we wanted to see them. Yes, really. I do like my in-laws. (And I'm not just saying that because I know my MIL reads Abstract Thoughts.)

We spent the whole time catching up, playing with the kittens, talking about everything from family to travel horror stories to what to say when you get a really bad gift from a really good friend (or family member) who did it with a good heart. We also took them out to The Keg for one fine meal of sharing appetizers, having good food, and talking. My FIL was pretty quiet, only unleashing the occasional pun, until after dinner. Then, we got some really good stories out of him. It was the most I've heard him say at one time. What an interesting life he has led.

For good or ill, my husband is the new Head Storyteller of our weekly vampire LARP, Emerald City Chronicles. I am on staff with him because I have some stories I want to tell and because there is no way only one of us could be on staff and not the other. We like to talk to each other and only me being a PA has proven to be challenging. He's my best friend and I want to talk to him. Besides, we brainstorm together real well.

While I'm excited about being on staff, I'm nervous, too. I've seen a lot of stuff the previous staff has gone through and running a large 150+ person LARP troupe is not an easy task. I know what I want to work on, which plotlines and I know I'm going to really have to bone up on the rules but none of that will matter when someone is yelling at my husband (or me) because they don't like a rules call. I suppose you could say that I'm mentally girding my loins and preparing a thicker skin because it will be necessary.

Still, I can't wait to see what we come up with and the stories all of the different staff members will want to tell. I think while there will be some frustrations, it will be a good time.

Well, I've reached the end of my patience with my body. Less than two weeks after finally getting well, I'm getting sick again. This is just not cool. It's making me wonder if something else is going on with me in a bad way. So, I'm going to bite the bullet and go see my favorite Nurse Payne and I'm going to bring a list of issues I have had over the past six months – from the knee pain to the insomnia to the constant illness and headaches. Maybe there is something up with me that she can help me solve. Of course, by the time my appointment for my yearly comes around (June?!) I may wonder what the heck I was worried about.

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