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I've taken a couple of days off from the world and accidentally found some really cool web serials.

The first is THE BLACK DAWN – post apocalyptic series about a black cloud suddenly appearing all over the world with something in it that kills almost everyone. This story seems to be
centered around thirteen college students who have mysteriously survived a deadly plague that has fallen over Los Angeles. The first 4 webisodes are up. I'm hooked.

The second is PROJECT X - A deadly creature is on the loose and the workers at Mt. Diablo Power Plant have no idea what's headed their way. It's the ultimate power struggle as they battle the monster, each other, and their own inner demons. All 24 webisodes are up. It's a good story. While the lead looks a bit like moriarty6, I think moriarty6 has a better voice and is more attractive (in that "he's married, I'm married but I'm not dead so I can look" sort of way.)