Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Yeah. It's Con Time...

Less than 24 hours before Radcon and what am I doing?

Running around the house like a headless chicken searching for my missing Psi Corps pin.

No, not the one Walter Koenig personally gave me and told me was one of the original mock ups (whether or not that's true, it's still a cool story). (Whether or not the mock up story was true. Walter giving me the pin, and asking me what Bester's P-rating was, is true. He was one of my GOHs at a sci-fi convention I ran.)

But, I digress.

I'm looking for the really nice Psi Corps pin that dancingshaman snagged for me a few years ago at DundraCon.

I wore it recently at the "Video Games Live" symphony. Then I took it off because my Vampire LARP character wouldn't be caught dead wearing such a thing.



Can my life get anymore geeky?

Now, where's that bloody pin?

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