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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with 25 Facts About Me - because I've been tagged so many times I lost count.

February 3, 2009
25 Facts About Me
1. I really do have plans for the apocalypse – many types of them – including the Zombie apocalypse. I have an Apocalypse Closet that has my apocalypse gear in it. It is not stocked to my satisfaction, yet. But it will be one day.

2. I have personally rescued 43 kittens by fostering them. Eventually, I will get back into fostering more kittens.

3. I cringe inside every time one of my friends mentions "I've thought about writing and getting published" to me. I don't have a specific reason for the cringing. Each person makes me cringe for a different reason.

4. I do not want children. I don't hate children. They are great when they belong to someone else.

5. Susan Cooper and her "Dark is Rising" series is the reason I am an author today. I have wanted to be an author since I was 11 years old.

6. My favorite author is Stephen King. I have almost all of his books and reread them on a regular basis.

7. I really do look like my mother. If you want to know what I will look at 65, look at her.

8. Whenever I hear a bang, I look at the clock so I can tell the police what time I heard the gunshot.

9. I daydream about what it would be like to be interviewed by various talk show hosts when I am a famous author.

10. I really could spend the rest of my writing career writing for RPGs as long as it included writing novels. I adore working in the RPG industry.

11. The heaviest I have weighed as an adult was 350 pounds.

12. The lightest I have weighed as an adult was 143 pounds – my 'optimum weight" – right out of boot camp. I looked like a skeleton.

13. My current weight fluctuates between 240-250 pounds. I really want to shift this down to about 200 pounds.

14. Occasionally, I am envious of my friends who have successfully sold and published solo cover credit novels.

15. Between the ages of 3 and 13, my nickname was "Calamity Jane" because I was always hurting something. However, I never broke a bone until I was in my thirties.

16. I wrote glasses or contacts from the ages of 10 until 32. I was considered legally blind the day I had Lasik eye surgery. Since then, my eyesight has been 20/20.

17. While I do own three cats and prefer cats to dogs, I am mildly allergic to cats.

18. I have a twin brother but, growing up, most people assumed that my old sister and I were the twins.

19. My mom reads all of the stories I write and edits them for me. (Except for the erotica because she doesn't want to read it and I don't want her to read it because… ew. How weird would that be?)

20. I eat Cheetos with chopsticks so my hands don't get messy.

21. My favorite soda is Diet Rite cola.

22. I am chuffed that my husband is actually looking forward to being known as "Mr. Brozek" at conventions and such since he is my husband and I'm the pro-guest.

23. I am still surprised when people know who I am at conventions. I am even more surprised when they can site something I've written.

24. I am a 200 point GURPS character because I was a sidekick character in a webcomic called "Casey & Andy." It is weird to think that someone could be role-playing me in a game.

25. I adore "Disaster porn" – Mega-Disasters series, How the World Will End series, Destroyed in Seconds series – and will watch most disaster movies just to see an iconic landmark obliterated. And yet, I am an optimist.

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