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Lobo Luna Question/Answer #7

7. While you are not busy with Grants Pass, I know you have currently and have had several other projects going on. Can you tell us a bit about them?

I do have a number of projects going on at any given time. I break these down into the following: TEoP, short stories, novel work, RPG work, and 'pays the bills' work.

TEoP – This is my webzine, The Edge of Propinquity. Now in its fourth year of publication, this is the first year that I am not writing for the webzine. I have been the sole editor for it for four years and an author for it for three years. For the first three years, I wrote the universe story called Kendrick while editing the webzine, choosing the monthly guest authors, and publishing it on the 15th of each month. This project was my next "baby" project after the Grants Pass anthology.

Short Stories - Each year, I have a certain number of short stories I intend to write. Most of the time, I have no idea what I will be writing until I find a call for submission for a webzine or an anthology that speaks to me. Then, I write a story for that venue and hope I get in. If I don't (which happens more often than not), I file the story away and look for other venues that it would be appropriate for. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. If I get the same basic rejection for a single story more than once, pointing out similar flaws, I know I need to revamp the short story before I send it out anywhere else.

Novel Work - Novel work includes editing completed novels and writing new novels. Currently, I am not working on a novel. Mostly because I need to decide which thing I want to work on next. I have the choice of the next in a Sci-fi space opera story, the next in a fantasy series or to start the Young Adult series I've been noodling on for a while. When I am in novel mode, I have word count goals per day to shoot for and I try to write the whole novel in a single stretch. I don't want to lose momentum by having a convention or vacation in the middle. If I do have a convention, I basically suck it up and take my work with me. A novel started needs to be finished.

RPG Work - Much of my professional publications comes from the work I do on Role Playing Game projects. I already have several contracts set up for this year and, occasionally, I end up being put on last minute projects as a pinch hitter for writing, editing or proofing. RPG work is paying work but it really doesn't pay that much. But I really enjoy it. I love world building and working in RPG worlds. I've had the pleasure of working in Dragonlance, Shadowrun and Serenity worlds.

My current contracts include a couple of PDF settings for Rogue Games' Colonial Gothic – horror in 1776. Later in the year, I have a project for White Wolf SAS to work on – something I am really looking forward to doing.

Pays the Bills Work - Since I have shifted to full time writing, I have some work I call "pays the bills" work. This is, most often, freelance technical writing. I do everything from write copy for websites like to proof reading large PowerPoint presentations to writing up user guides for new (or old) products. This work isn't exciting but it does pay the bills that I have and that's important. It also allows me time to work on my many other writing projects.
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