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Lobo Luna Question/Answer #4

#4 How did you advertise Grants Pass' open submission call? (How did the writers that weren't from the original group find out about the open call?)

I had the original website page with all of the submission guidelines from theme to word count to rights signed over to payment already done. From there, I went to the places that I go to look for calls for submission when I have a free moment and the urge to write something new. The best two places I know to look are Ralan and Duotrope. Basically, it was go where you know to go. Honestly, I was doing this all by blind touch. I had never done anything like this before. It was the right thing to do. -
Duotrope Digest -

Ralan was the first big "call for submissions" site I ever found. It has been my mainstay ever since. More recently, Duotrope Digest came to my attention. It has more features than Ralan but both did what I wanted them to do – which was get the word out that I had a call for submission for Grants Pass. Also, once posted in these two areas, I discovered that other, smaller websites often took new publications from Ralan and Duotrope for their own sites. Thus, my call was propagated many times over without me realizing it at first.

The next places I advertised were in my online journal, Abstract Thoughts, and on my LiveJournal account. From my personal LJ, I branched out into the various other LJs that specialized in calls for submissions like specficmarkets. Then, I waited. I had the luxury of time. That is how the stories came to me. Some good. Some bad. Some great. Some awful.

However, once Morrigan Books agreed to be my publisher and scrapped half of the stories – rightfully so, I am loathed to admit – we then sent out specific invitations to specific authors. Some the publisher knew, some my co-editor knew and some I knew. Of these twenty invited authors, eight responded to the positive and sent us the stories we have today.
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