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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with It's a Brand New Day... - mostly about starting the year fresh and such.

January 12, 2009
It's a Brand New Day…
It's a brand new year with fresh new goals and the potential for rise (or fall) is endless. Or something like that. Most of the time, when the New Year comes around, I am just thankful that the holidays are over and I can relax again. No parties or presents to remember for at least a month.

All my writing scorecards have been brushed clean and the new goals for the year are up. I've started the year off on a good foot, being productive. Unfortunately, I've been nursing a killer sinus headache for about a week, too. That hasn't helped. But it hasn't hindered too much expect allow me to sleep a little more than usual.

This is my second year of doing that "writing for a living" thing. I've got my freelance tech writing, my RPG writing and my fiction writing. I'm looking to pick up more tech writing and maybe an editing gig or two along the way. I'm still looking for an agent. I'm still writing novels and short stories on the side. I'm still editing The Edge of Propinquity.

Everything changes while everything stays the same. I can't say I'm unhappy. This year, I won't be writing for TEoP, just editing it. I want to focus on outward submissions to other anthologies and websites. Three years in Kendrick was enough for now. That's not to say that some of the stories I write won't be based in the mythical city.

The husband is awesome and we are doing that "fat and happy" thing in marital bliss – along with the reality of being married, living with and sharing with another person. It's not all roses but it really is a wonderful thing. Occasionally, I look at my life and wonder how I got so lucky. I need to make sure I don't get too "fat" in all the happiness. I guess that's why we bought ourselves an elliptical machine.

I've got my convention schedule set up for this year. At least, which ones I will be a pro at.

RadCon, Feb 13-15 (Panelist)
Friday – 4pm – Writing for the Game Industry
Friday – 6pm – Online Gaming Addiction

Saturday 11am – Why Do Women Not Game
Saturday 4pm – End of the World
Saturday 5pm – First Readers
Saturday 7pm – Guest player in Frank Reinart's 7th Sea game

Sunday 10am – Game Masters' Nightmares
Sunday 12pm – Manuscript Format 101

Norwescon, 9-12 (Panelist, Volunteer) – Schedule pending but you can see me hanging around the registration table handing out badges or, when I'm on IT duty, attempting to put out IT fires.

BayCon, May 22-25 (Toastmistress/Panelist) – Schedule pending but I'm sure I'll be all over the place.

GenCon August 13-16 (Panelist) – Schedule pending but if I'm not in a panel, I'll either be in author's alley or hanging out at the Margaret Weis Productions booth.

I may go to San Deigo Comicon to meet my Morrigan Books publisher and to be on hand for when the book, GRANTS PASS, is debuted there. I'm not completely sure. It depends on my publisher and what is set up there.

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