Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Crazy. I haz it.

Progesterone poisoning, anyone? I have buckets to spare and the crazy that goes along with it. Seriously. Ross and Kaine were the unfortunates who accidentally triggered my "shrapnel effect" and bore the brunt of my crazy until I realized that:

1) I had not eaten in six hours.
2) It was THAT time of the month.

Seriously, I am crazy. I have a rule that I make no life change decisions at this time – not even a hair style change. Also, I walk away from the computer a lot more, sleep on rants before they make it out the door and generally hide so people don't get splattered with vitriol rants about stupidity, the weather and other such things.

I also cry at commercials, my cat meowing and hats dropping.

I'm crazy until Sunday and I'm having a hard time controlling it. Ya'll have been warned.

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