Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Meme: 7 Facts not connected to my current career

Well, amandapillar tagged me for this... so here it goes.

Share seven facts about yourself in the post. Tag seven people (if you so choose) at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.

1. I am allergic to a number of things - some pollens, olives (but not olive oil), bee stings and animals. Yes, I am mildly allergic to cats.

2. When people speak to me, I see words in my head. If I don't get the right word or the right spelling of a name, I cannot figure out what they are saying or who they are speaking of. Example: Erin and Aaron. I default to "Erin" which is hard when most of my current friends are talking about "Aaron." I can't get a picture of him in my head and I often don't remember that I know him until they give me another identifier for him or spell his name for me. Then I see the correct version of "Aaron" in my head and can link it to what I know of that person.

3. I have serious issues with sharp sounds. They can put me into a mild (or not so mild) fight or flight mode. Thus, I often watch TV with the sound off and captions on. That way, the music or going to commercial doesn't startle me.

4. I have a twin brother. No matter how many times I mention him, no one ever remembers this. People are frequently startled by the fact that I have a brother who is also my twin - even people who already know.

5. I am one of those people who can (and will - if I'm alone) put the same song on repeat for hours at a time if I have a particular love of the lyrics or the sound of the music. It helps me relax and drift.

6. I call my playtime on the computer when I first get up and just before I go to bed "Touring the Internet." This is where I check all of my email accounts, LJ, Facebook, Game forums, etc. I tried to hit all of them at least once a day.

7. I adore all things apocalypse related. I will watch all apocalypse movies, mockumentaries, documentaries, specials, mega disasters, etc... at least once. I went to the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" just to watch Hollywood destroyed by twisters and New York hit by a giant wave. That's it. I've read countless apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic novels.

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