Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Hah! I just thought I had snow before.

The backyard, right side. You can see the block of wild feed we put out for the squirrels and birds.

Backyard, left side. Yeah. You can't even see the wooden seat anymore.

View from the front window. No, the garbage men didn't make it to pick up the trash. Wonder why.

A close up of the wild feed. Just to the right of the block and left of the snow is a bird chowing down.

Notice we don't have stairs anymore. But, while you cannot see it, there is no snow under the porch and that is were a lot of the outdoor cats end up.

And this is why we put the block of wild feed out. These are the two suet cages. The suet was gone in less than a day and the snow filled in the rest.

Note: We are still having the Orphans Christmas for people who brave the snow. We have extra blankets and LOTS of sleeping room and LOTS of food for people who end up spending the night.

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