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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Birthday Loot! - which is about my birthday and the impending weather.

December 11, 2008
Birthday Loot!
Growing up, I always felt gypped by having a birthday in December. It was right in the middle of the holiday season and everyone was always worried about that instead of me. (Not to mention Final Week in school.) Even worst, I had to share my birthday with my twin brother. He was an endless embarrassment and a pain in the butt (most of the time) and I had to share MY day with him. Obviously, I learned to deal. I'll admit, I never "liked" sharing my birthday with my brother but the older we got, the more tolerable it was.

It my twenties, I was the girl who always hoped for a surprise party who never got one. Eventually, I stopped even mentioning my birthday at all. To my surprise, people scolded me for this. Somewhere in my late 20's and early 30's I came to some sort of accord within myself. I would mention it, but not expect anything while quietly hoping. It worked out.

These days, I've never disappointed because my wants are less and my life is full. Of course, though, I'm never unhappy when someone remembers my birthday. I received tons of well wishes and a couple of cards. I also got some really cool stuff:

  • A Steampunk's Guide to the Apocalypse – from Rory
  • Advanced Fugitive: Running, Hiding, Surviving and Thriving Forever – from Jeff
  • The World Without Us – From Jeff
  • A check – From my parents
  • A pretty jade and opal necklace – From Jeff
  • And a couple of rain checks from people telling me that my gift is on order or in the mail which is cool because every birthday should be celebrated for a week.

    Plus, Jeff took us to an overnight at a 5 star spa for massages and fining dining and stuff. All of the gifts I received I really appreciated because everything I got meant something to me on a more intimate level. As Rory said, "I walked over to the booth and there should've been a sign saying, 'This was made for Jenn.'"

    There was one last thing I wanted for my birthday – news of something – is something I have not yet received. Thus, no good news or bad. The door is still open and I'm waiting. As soon as I can say more, I will. Until then, I'll accept it as a late birthday or a Christmas gift.

    I'm really beginning to wonder if I broke something in me. (Or if I've suddenly become an official Pacific Northwestern Person.) I just got the winter storm watch warning from the weather channel and instead of groaning at the idea of snow, I'm positively gleeful. I don't know why. I don't like snow. It's wet, cold, slippery, dangerous and … and yet, I still want snow. I've wanted it to snow for at least a week now.

    Maybe I feel secure in my home that we have enough supplies, water, heat, etc… to hunker down for a bit. Maybe it is because I'm not in my old condo and I have little to no fear of me losing power for more than four hours (instead of four days).

    As an aside, Jeff and I have had a long standing argument/agreement about whether or not to get an emergency generator and when. After a long discussion about it and him assuring me that he's never lost power for more than four hours at a time, we came to the accord that if we ever lost power for more than 12 consecutive hours, we would get a generator. For a long time, I wondered how it was that he always had power. Then I discovered that we are on the same grid as the Army Reserve Station three blocks over. Suddenly, everything made sense. While we still have the standing agreement, I'm a lot more confident in things.

    But, I digress.

    Snow. I want it. Apparently it is coming in a couple of days. According to the extended forecast, we will get snow this weekend and next weekend. It would be really nice to have a white Christmas.
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