Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Dream: Seanan, Zombies and a Convention, Oh My!

Me: Remind me to tell you about the zombie dream I had that had you in it.

Seanan: Oh?

Me: This is my note for it: 1. CONVENTION DREAM – ZOMBIE – SCHOOL – SEANAN

Seanan: WIN.
Seanan: I <3 dreams.

Me: Short version: Convention held in a school. Zombie attack broke out in the gym at one of the dances. I wasn't there. Putting on a costume. These are fast moving and semi-intelligent zombies. As in at least one can talk. Cue lots of running down empty school hallways with zombies eating people behind closed doors.

Seanan: That RULES.

Me: Then, I figure out how to fool them. I cover myself in blood and pretend to be one. I come to rescue you. I find you and explain that you are my prey and if we come across zombies, I will have to bite you. It will hurt but it will save our lives (dream within a dream flash to an example of me tearing a hunk of your shoulder off and dragging you away, saving us from zombies). You were just fine with this. And, basically, I manhandled you, controlling you by the neck through hallways until we got out of the school and escaped. I was COVERED in blood. It was a good dream.

Seanan: I think I adore your dreams.

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