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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with The Future is Bright - which all about my writing career and what I already have scheduled for publication next year.

November 12, 2008
The Future is Bright
An author's life at my stage of the game – publishing and working steadily but not rich or famous – is one huge roller-coaster ride of emotions. There are good weeks and bad weeks. This last week, despite having a friend in the hospital having emergency surgery, was a good week for me.

The top news is that BayCon 2009 officially invited me to be their Toastmaster, er, Toastmistress. I happily accepted. Who wouldn't want to be the Mistress of Ceremonies all of a Bay Area literary convention? I'm chuffed about it. More so because I know a ton of people who go there and if I fall flat on my face (I hope not) they'll help pick me up. It is also just before my Grants Pass anthology is released. It's a great convention with good timing.

So far, next year's convention schedule looks like this:

  • Radcon 2009 – Pro panelist
  • Norwescon 2009 – Pro panelist (and volunteer)
  • BayCon 2009 – Toastmistress (and pro panelist, I believe)
  • GenCon 2009 – Writer symposium author and Author's alley

    Not a bad little convention schedule. I still have yet to decide if I should apply to Dragon*Con. I don't know where my wallet stands on things yet. Not to mention publication deadlines and such. Working author = must be working to get paid and published.

    My publication schedule is also looking pretty darned sweet this coming year. Usually, I have one or two things that will be published in the coming year. This time around, I have a really good list of things to come.

  • May 2009 – "Proverbial Monsters" – Author – Publisher: White Wolf
  • July 2009 – "Grants Pass" anthology – Contributor and co-editor – Publisher: Morrigan Books
  • July 2009 – "Colonial Gothic 2nd Edition" – Featured Author – Publisher: Rogue Games
  • August 2009 – "The Big Damn Hero's Handbook" – Contributor – Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
  • TBA 2009 – "Colonial Gothic: Hagerstown" – Author – Publisher: Rogue Games
  • TBA 2009 – "The World is Dead" anthology – Contributor – Publisher: Permuted Press

    And that is just the stuff I know about right now. I still have submissions out there waiting on a "Yea" or "Nay." Also, it is not unusual for an editor to come to me and say "I have X amount of words to be written within the next 2-4 weeks. Can you do it?" 99% of the time, I look at my schedule and the project and I say "Yes." I'm good in a pinch like that. Really good.

    The writing career is continuing a-pace. I'm still looking for an agent. I'm still writing short stories. I'm still working on my novels. Though, with the influx of RPG work, my writing on "The Acolyte's Sacrifice" has slowed down considerably. It will pick up again in mid- to late-December. All of the "gotta have done now" RPG work will be finished and turned in.

    I'm looking forward to only editing The Edge of Propinquity webzine so I can work on writing other than Kendrick. I love the world but after three years, I need at least a year's break to work on other stuff and let Kendrick stew in the back of my mind. I want to focus on other anthologies, RPG work and my novels. Of course, I'm still looking for that elusive RPG novel contract. The hunt is on and we will see where it leads me.
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