Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

3 For 300 – Memory Shards 3: The Ambulance Ride

It was never supposed to happen to me. I slipped and fell at a friend's house and broke my knee in two places. At the time, I did not know that my knee was broken, but I suspected as much when my friends called for an ambulance.

The whole thing started out embarrassing. From the way that the EMT slit my favorite pair of pants to get to my leg to Alex being a dear and getting everyone to leave while the EMTs got me on the stretcher. I remember being thankful that the EMT with the chestnut hair was in back with me while the EMT who must have been the darling of his class drove the ambulance with Alex at his side.

While the driver was the more physically attractive, the EMT back with me was the more considerate and caring of the two. He joked with me, asked me questions and generally had a very good bedside manner. The other one had the "I'm the good looking hero here and don't you forget it" attitude, or vibe, going on.

I had never been in an ambulance before (or since) then. It was an interesting experience. Those who designed its interior obviously had been an EMT because of its smart placement of everything. My guy never had to move from my side the whole trip to the hospital. Everything he needed and wanted was within arm's reach. I appreciated that on some level that I can remember it in retrospect.

The most amusing thing the EMT did was suggest that I make up a different story for each person who asked about the ride and my hurt leg. "You'll be repeating the story so often you'll want to kill someone. Better to make something up."

He was right.

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