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Abstract Thoughts...

Wow... here's a new thought for the "Family jewels." I've just discovered that Life Gems, a new company, can turn your deceased family members (or even ashes of deceased family members) into synthetic diamonds, based on the carbon in the body.

Several abstract thoughts popped in my head, all warring for attention.

"Wow. Ok. I can see the incidences of haunted and cursed jewelry jumping exponentially. 'I sense a older woman connected to this ring...' 'That was momma.' 'This ring belonged to your deceased mother?' 'No. It -is- my dearly departed mother.' 'Oh. No wonder she's pissed. She never gets any peace around you.'"

"Hrm... What happens if Lizzy Borden junior decides she wants a whole set. Collect them all. 'Here's momma in the ring. My siblings in the earrings and my dad in my necklace. Hmm? The bracelet. Oh, just the mailman. I wanted a complete set.'"

(And because I'm still slogging throught Left Behind series) "So, if the Rapture come and if the person-now-lifegem was a believer, does that mean that the gem goes away? There are gonna be a lot of pissed off people missing their 'family jewels.'"

There are days when I am unabashedly irreverent.

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