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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Honeymoon Transcript, Part Two which is about what I wrote in my notebook on the last four days of my honeymoon vacation.

October 14, 2008
Honeymoon Transcript, Part Two
10/9 – Thursday

Today was a morning of sightseeing, followed by napping on the beach. First, we went to the Mo'okini Heiau (temple). This is the temple where people were sacrificed to the Pa'ao "hungry gods" or as a punishment for dishonoring the chief or were prisoners of war. Victims were flayed alive and things were made from their bones. People wore these bone items as a way of gaining the victim's power. If that isn't a good hook into a horror story, I don't know what is.

The heiau is in a hard to get to place up high (in the place of the Gods) and it is super quiet and still there. Not in a soothing way. You instinctively know 'something' went on there. Creepier still were all of the flies around. Compared to everywhere else I've been on the Big Island last year and this year, I've never seen flies like that. After a quiet, respectful look around and checking out the sacrificial altar, we left for more pleasant places.

We cleansed our minds by going to the Pololu Valley lookout – which was spectacular. Seriously. What a gorgeous view. We then stope at the Keokea Beach part for a quiet picnic lunch away from people before coming back to the resort.

Right now, I'm watching Jeff learn to paddleboard – which is standing on a board and paddling, in a Zen-like fashion, across the ocean. When you can stand, that is. It is VERY windy and the water is all choppy. He is still working it out in the kneeling position. His instructor is paddling rings around him and he's just put on his "it's a challenge" face. I think we're going to be here for a while longer yet.

10/10 – Friday
[Cut emails and address of another couple we bonded with.]

It is a beautiful hazy morning chatting with Ali while our husbands are out scuba-ing (mine) and snorkeling (hers). The haze is from the volcano which has been vertically erupting for a bit recently. The haze goes away based on the direction of the wind. It looks like pollution but, really, it's just fog from the mountain/volcano.

Other things I've found out about. Mr. Dell of Dell computers owns this resort. Steve Jobs apparently frequents the resort on a regular basis and Julia Roberts was here this past summer. She was "incognito" except it is hard to be incognito when the entire management staff is there to help her get on a boat. Also, this resort was considered to be the first five star resort of the Big Island. It was THE place to go back in the day. It still is but it is just quieter about it.

It is all really cool. I really like this place. It is a fab resort. The best thing for me is that the husband of the other couple we've been hanging out with just happens to be a movie producer. And now that he's heard about the Grants Pass anthology, he wants an ARC of it because he believes it "has potential." Color me happy. The wife works at Disney, making sure songwriter royalties get paid. They are a really neat couple.

Talking about Grants Pass has me thinking about the RPG contracts waiting for me at home. I am resisting the urge to work on any of it right now. I'm on vacation, dammit! Maybe I'll write a "Madison" story instead.

[Cut of a story 500 word "Madison Conti" story.]

For various reasons, there is practically no one around. For brief instances (and with a little help from my iPod), I can imagine this place completely abandoned. It makes me sad that we have no Grants Pass stories set in Hawaii. Though, I know what the answer would be. "Heck, no. I'm not going. Why would I want to leave a self sufficient paradise for a little town in the mountains?"

10/11 – Saturday
Today is the first real bright and crystal clear day since we arrived. I guess the winds are going in the right direction to keep the volcano haze away. It made for some great snorkeling this morning. We even saw some spinner dolphins. Which, of course, make me excited for tomorrow's dolphin swim.

Today is also the Iron Man competition. So, there are a whole lot of families and supporter families around. All I have to say about this is: Go Iron Man Athletes Go! And... watching these children make me glad I have cats – and only cats.

I think it is naptime.

Ha! Jeff got sunburned before I did!

We met our first golddigger today. Mrs. "I've had two honeymoons here and every time I show up, I'm under a different name" was very proud of herself. It was not pleasant. Also, for a golddigger ("I come here as often as I can convince someone to bring me."), she really wasn't all that.

Fortunately, the bad taste of her was washed away by some real rain! For a place that gets only 7-10 inches of rain a year (due to the Mauna Loa rain shadow), it was an impressive rain. I had wanted a rain storm all week. This would do. It was a great warm rain.

It's funny. People who spent hours a day in the ocean ran for cover like the rain was poisonous. Guess they were afraid of fresh water. Me? I danced in the rain with Jeff while the band played on. It was very romantic.

10/12 – Sunday
Today was most awesome in all senses of the word. It really was. We swam with about 200 dolphins by the time all of the family pods in the area converged. I had several very close encounters of the dolphin kind. Most of them on accident.

Mostly, I would spot the lead dolphin and would swim with it for a bit. Then I would remember to turn around. When I did, I would find a pod of 8-14 dolphins headed right towards me. The first couple of times, all I could remember to do was not swim head-on towards them so they wouldn't dive deep. Usually, I would turn sideways and curl up. They would all swim around me within a couple feet of me. It was really something. Just as good as I remembered it to be. I know Jeff swam with a mother and her baby, too.

The only bad thing was being attacked by the creatures that eat the algae in the algae blooms. The dive people at the resort called them "No-see-ums" but let me tell you, I certainly could feel them! Now, hours later, my arms are covered in tiny red welts. They almost look like a rash. Not something I want to experience again anytime soon.

I'm writing today's entry on the plane headed home. I had planned to write it at the airport because of the last day of dolphins, packing, eating and checking out from the resort. However, remember that storm I wanted all week? Well, it arrived with a vengeance right as we got through security at the Kona airport – which is an open air airport. It was a mess. People acted like they had never seen rain before.

This turbulence is not helping my already bad handwriting.

In any case – rain. Hard rain. Made me really glad that I decided to wear my crocs on the plane. They are much easier to dry out.

Eight days in Hawaii was the perfect amount of vacation honeymoon to distress and get some serious relaxation in. Jeff and I also agree that eight days was just enough vacation to really miss home and to be ready to go home when the time came. Kona Village resort is one of my most favorite vacation spots of all time. We hope to come here again sometime in the future.

However, I think I've reached my sun and tan quota for the year. It will be very good to get back home to wet, cloudy weather. I miss my bed, my kitties and not being slathered in sunscreen. It was a great honeymoon and an excellent vacation but I am ready to get back to reality.

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