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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Honeymoon Transcript, Part One which is about what I wrote in my notebook on the first three days of my honeymoon vacation.

October 13, 2008
Honeymoon Transcript, Part One
10/6 - Monday
It didn't occur to me until we were at the airport that I might want something to write on while on vacation. I was too focused on "no TV, no internet, no clock, no radio" to remember that writing isn't always work. Of course, I have an evil little story just begging to be written now. Despite my awful handwriting, I will write it out longhand.

Jeff is so awesome, even though I only asked for my iPod for hanging out on the beach with, he brought me my notebook, too. He knows me so well. I love him.

It's hard to think of disasters and wicked things when you are in the middle of paradise. I'm currently on the beach, in the shade, watching the ocean, the beach and the sunning sea turtles. There are almost no people around.

The Kona Village Resort is 90% self sufficient – onsite fresh water wells and onsite small power generators as needed/wanted. It makes me love this place that much more. I really want to experience a good 10 hour storm. Of course, there is almost no chance of that happening. Though, there is a brief chance of rain later in the week.

A couple's massage and the a bath makes for a very happy/comfy Jenn. My spilled mango flow, while sad, has resulted in many geckos hanging out on my bungalow porch. Jeff is forgiven for making me spill my nummy drink. Seanan will be happy to know that we had a group of about 7-8 lizards hanging out. I say "7-8" because they move very fast and in any direction.

10/7 – Tuesday
No snorkeling this morning but a dip in the hot tub and pool before breakfast certainly did a lot to whet the appetite. We tried Hawaiian white honey at breakfast today. We are definitely bringing some of it home with us. It was that good.

Soon, Jeff will be off to his scuba lesson and I will be off to a hot stone massage. Scuba is a little odd for me but Jeff is excited about it. He can have fun at that while I get pampered at the spa. Later, we will be going into Kona to shop and do a little sightseeing.

I broke the cardinal rule of vacations this morning. While we were in the hot tub, chatting away, I realized I was walking all about work. Oops. It was just about the Setting PDF layout for Rogue Games but it is still work and not allow. Ah well, Jeff kissed me and smiled. He knows me so well.

Look up: "Hawaiian Night Marchers" and "City of Refuge."

The previous note is because the hot stone masseur assured me that if I were to be here during the "no moon" I would have no problems writing 'horror in paradise.' She told me about the "night marchers" and what happens if you meet them on the trails at night (get sick or die) and how to protect yourself from them (reciting your lineage to them in Hawaiian). She then went on to speak of the strictness of the Hawaiian religious and social laws and the 'city of refuge' I hope I have time to speak to the local historians on site before we leave. But, no worries about the night marchers. It is only half-moon right now.

Currently, it is about 5pm and I am on the beach relaxing after an afternoon of shopping in Kona. It was SO hot and muggy there. I almost got heat stroke. No joke there. Jeff, too – though, he wouldn't admit it at first. We were saved by a local treat known as "shave ice." It is like a flavored snow cone, only better. After that, we got lots of presents for people. Mostly Christmas gifts. Yes, we think that far ahead.

Jeff is snorkeling in the bay. I can't see him and that bothers me. I'm sure he is fine but, still...

Tonight is a Hawaiian cowboy BBQ. Tomorrow is a luau. Tomorrow is also morning snorkeling and, if we can do it, a nature walk with one of the onsite experts. The number of birds, flowers and lizards around here is just amazing.

I see Jeff now. He is over by the rough area of the surf and is heading back. I feel better now.

10/8 – Wednesday
This morning, we specifically went out snorkeling with the goal of getting pictures of turtles being cleaned at the turtle cleaning station – a place with lots of coral and fished that will eat algae off of the turtle's shell. Along the way out to the turtle corning station, Jeff found a sea urchin It is very cool and all purple. It is very delicate. I hope we can get it back home without breaking it. We are going to varnish it or something like that to harden it.

We got our pictures of the turtles being cleaned by these neat looking fish called yellow tangs. Even better, I got to dance with one of the turtles. I read if you were very calm in the water, sometimes the turtles will surface to breathe right next to you. So, I did that.

This one small turtle headed upwards, straight for me. I kept my motions very calm and small. So, it kept coming. It started circling me the close it got. I kept facing it and circling it, too. We circled each other for a couple of minutes. The closer the turtle came, the browner its color became. It finally surfaced for air about two feet from me. It was the neatest thing. It circled me once more after diving back down before swimming away. Unfortunately, Jeff was too far away to see, much less get pictures.

[Cut of a story of about 655 words called "Final Destiny in Paradise."]

Ok. So, I can write horror in paradise. Cool. 60 minutes to write this evil little thing. I prefer a computer. Longhand writing is way too slow.

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