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The Edge of Propinquity 2008 Slushpile is Closed (And 2009 is now open)!

As of 1100 PST, I finished reading the last of the 2008 the Edge of Propinquity "Retaliation" slushpile. I just sent out the last "Yes! You made it" emails to the waiting authors. The final numbers for the year are below. To tell you the truth, I am very pleased that I got as many excellent submissions as I did. Some of these rejections were really hard. Some very good stories. Some not so good stories. I am pleased with the twelve guest stories that I did finally choose.

TEoP Slushpile Scorecard for 2008
  • 114 total submissions read.
  • 102 total rejections.
  • 12 total "Yes!" responses.

    So, now what? Well, now that the TEoP 2008 Slushpile is closed, the TEoP 2009 Slushpile is open with an all new theme already written up in the Call for Submissions. Because I am nice and because I want good, on-theme stories, here are the guidelines:

    THEME[S] FOR 2009
    The theme for the fourth year of TEoP, 2009, is "Compromise." The theme for the first year of the Edge of Propinquity was "Revelations." The theme for the second year was "Consequences." The theme for the third year was "Retaliation." Your story may encompass and expand on the previous themes.

    In order to be accepted for publication, stories must fit the webzine's theme and setting. The setting is a modern day story focusing on a character deep within the hidden world that surrounds mundane society. All guest author stories must include an active compromise from one character to another. This can be mundane to supernatural (IE: Man allows monster to live in return for treasure), supernatural to mundane (IE: Werewolf allows kid to live after promised secrecy), supernatural to supernatural (IE: mage versus mage compromising over a stolen artifact) or mundane versus mundane via supernatural means (IE: Murder covered up if allowed on the cheerleading squad).

    The hidden world does not have to be supernatural. It may be conspiracy based. No far future, medieval, Heaven/Hell or alternate dimension stories, please.

    1. Your story must be an original, unpublished 2000 - 6000 word, stand-alone short story not based in any of the other Edge of Propinquity story worlds.

    2. Send submissions to with the subject line "TEoP SUBMISSION: [Title Name]".

    3. All submissions must be sent in plain text in the body of the email. Emails with attachments will be deleted without being read. If your story requires specific formatting, use standard plain text formatting techniques.

    4. If your story is selected, you will need to provide a 100x100 pixel black and white headshot as well as a 100-150 word biography to be published with your story. Please see the Guest Quarters section of the site for examples.

    5. No simultaneous submissions.

    6. Note: You should recent a confirmation of receipt of your story within 48 hours of submission. If you do not receive acknowledgment, please query. After that, you should receive an answer within 8 weeks of submission. If you do not receive an answer as to whether or not the Edge of Propinquity will retain your story after 8 weeks, please query.
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